Water Damage Restoration Services Framingham, MA

In times of flooding or a major plumbing catastrophe, controlling water damage is the first and most important step. All N 1 Mold Removal works fast to minimize damage and get the water restoration process started, to preserve as much of your home’s integrity as possible. If your Framingham, MA home has been affected by water, make your first call to us. We don’t waste time in getting the situation under control.

Dehumidification & Sterilization

Water damage restoration starts by mitigating the level of moisture in the affected area. We use industrial-grade dehumidification equipment to pull moisture out of the air and anywhere else it might be saturated, to ensure a truly dry environment. Quick dehumidification allows us to begin sterilizing everything appropriately.

We sterilize the environment thoroughly, because there’s no telling what plumbing backups and floodwaters contain. Our team will ensure any affected areas are completely sanitized before we begin any remediation on your Framingham, MA home.

Water Extraction & Remediation

With water extracted and the area sanitized, the remediation process can begin. We remove damaged flooring and subflooring, as well as any other affected material that can’t be sterilized or saved. From there, we get to work rebuilding and restoring whatever is salvageable. Our team of trained contractors can repair and rebuild areas affected by water damage, and we understand the importance of expedience. Count on us to get your home back to normal after water intrusion, so you can put the incident behind you.

Water Damage Ceiling

We Tackle Water Trouble Quickly

All N 1 Mold Removal is ready to roll whenever water damage strikes your home. We’re available at 774-217-8240 and act quickly to minimize the damage. Our thorough approach to remediation services ensures mold, mildew and other moisture-related problems won’t creep up later, and we can even repair parts of your home that are damaged or demolished.

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