Don’t Overlook Cleaning Your Dryer Vents!

Before tossing a load of wet clothes into the dryer, it’s a good habit to check and clean the lint trap. Clearing out that lint improves the dryer’s efficiency and helps get your clothes as dry as possible. But that’s not the only aspect of dryer care you should practice—you can’t forget about the dryer vents. This post will cover all of the reasons to schedule professional dryer vent cleaning in Framingham, MA:

  • Prevent fires: Dirty dryer vents are the third-largest cause of house fires in the U.S.—they’re responsible for over 15,000 fires, 400 injuries and 15 deaths each year. A lint buildup in the vent is enough to start a fire under the right conditions. Additionally, an overworked and undermaintained dryer can blow a fuse and start an electrical fire.
  • Preserve your clothing: A dryer with a dirty vent takes longer to dry clothes. Even after the dryer cycle is done, you may still have damp clothes on your hands. Your clothes will also be full of lint that’s tough to get off unless you toss them back in the washing machine.
  • Prolong dryer lifespan: Cleaning out the vents reduces strain on your dryer, meaning the unit is more likely to last longer without failing. Since you don’t want to pay the cost of a new dryer in Framingham, MA, hire a cleaner! Investing in professional dryer cleaning is far less expensive than the cost of a brand-new dryer.
  • Reduce energy costs: A typical dryer uses about 75 cents worth of energy during a standard drying cycle. A dryer with a dirty vent can take twice as many cycles to properly dry your clothes, which really adds to your energy bill over time. Whether you have an electric or gas dryer, cleaning your vents can significantly minimize gas and electric usage in Framingham, MA.
  • Prevent health problems: Homeowners with gas dryers need to be particularly careful about cleaning the vents. Poor airflow from the dryer to the outside exhaust can cause carbon monoxide to back up into your home. Needless to say, that’s a serious health and safety risk for everyone in your house!
  • Deter infestations: Rodents are fond of making nests out of lint deposits, which are easy to find in a dirty dryer vent. Soft lint makes a nice home for the critters, while the heat from the dryer creates a perfect environment for breeding. Waiting too long to clean your vents means your home could become ground zero for a mice or rat infestation.

When should you schedule cleaning?

How frequently you need to have your vents cleaned depends on a few factors, including your dryer usage and household size. Most homeowners should plan on cleaning out their vents once a year. However, families that do a lot of laundry loads may need to schedule cleaning services more frequently. If you’ve noticed a drop-off in dryer performance or if your energy bills are on the rise, call a professional to inspect and clean your dryer vents.

If it’s been a while since you’ve had dryer vent cleaning and you want an efficient dryer in Framingham, MA, then call our team at All N 1 Mold Removal! Nobody beats our level of expertise or prices when it comes to cleaning out those vents.

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