Helpful Tips for Preventing the Growth of Mold

Most homes will have some amount of mold in them. The trick is preventing that mold from becoming an uncontrollable problem that can cause significant health conditions and the weakening of some of the home’s structural elements.

There are a number of precautions homeowners can take to be proactive about mold containment and black mold removal in Framingham, MA. Here are a few tips to keep in mind that will help you avoid major issues with mold growth:

  • Keep an eye on humidity levels: As you likely know, mold thrives in damp, humid conditions. If there’s no moisture, mold will not be able to develop. Sure, you need to watch for areas where there have been leaks or spills, but it’s just as important to keep an eye out for humidity. The EPA recommends humidity levels remain between 30 and 50 percent in your home. Run dehumidifiers in any areas you know are going to be prone to moisture, and make sure you have proper ventilation in areas that see a lot of steam.
  • Make sure you’re using exhaust fans: Speaking of proper ventilation, this is an issue that merits some extra focus. Today’s houses will generally have at least a couple exhaust fans: one located in the kitchen and one in the bathroom. You should actually use these exhaust fans—they’re not just decorative features! You should have the kitchen exhaust fan running whenever boiling anything or cooking anything that produces steam. In the bathroom, make sure you’re running the exhaust fan whenever you’re showering to prevent steam from condensing on surfaces. If you do not have exhaust fans in these areas, you should make it a point to add them, because today’s building codes generally require them.
  • Bring in some fresh air: It really helps to open up your windows every now and then to let fresh air flow through the home. This is especially true if you have windows that are getting a lot of condensation due to temperature changes. Keep your windows open whenever the weather permits, because this will help you maintain good natural air circulation. If you have to keep the windows closed due to weather, you can at least let ceiling fans and your HVAC fans run.
  • Keep an eye on drainage and gutters: Watch the path water takes when draining on your property. Ideally it should be draining away from your home rather than toward the foundation. If that’s not the case, you should make it a point to adjust your landscaping to ensure proper drainage. You should make sure you keep your rain gutters clean, as well—clogged gutters will result in water spilling over and falling right next to your home’s foundation. Investing in gutter guards might be a great way for you to prevent this from becoming an issue.
  • Clean up spills: As soon as you see wet spills, clean them up! Keeping your home dry is the best thing you can do to prevent mold. Never leave wet items bundled up and sitting around, especially carpet.

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